PUD Resubmission and Zoning Commission Hearing

Throughout 2016 and early 2017, EYA has been meeting with residents and community stakeholders gathering input and feedback on its proposal. We have incorporated this feedback into a detailed PUD proposal that was submitted to the City in August 2016 and updated and resubmitted in February 2017. The proposal will be heard by the Zoning Commission on April 27, 2017. Please click here to view EYA’s PUD Resubmission. Please click here to view EYA’s Pre-Hearing Statement. Please note there is a drafting error on the Pre-Hearing Statement: EYA plans to provide Affordable Dwelling Units at the previous DC Inclusionary Zoning targets of 50% AMI and 80% AMI, thereby preserving deeper levels of affordability, rather than converting to the new guidelines of 80% AMI for for-sale residential units. For more details about affordable housing, please navigate to our FAQ Section.