12th & Allison Transportation Report

EYA’s traffic planning and transportation engineer, Gorove Slade, has completed its Comprehensive Transportation Review related to the proposed 12th & Allison townhome development. You can access the report here.

This report will be submitted to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to aid in the agency’s review of the 12th & Allison proposal. The purpose of the report is to evaluate the impact of the proposed development to the surrounding transportation network, including reviews of vehicular, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle infrastructure impacts. The report concludes that while there are certain intersections near the site with elevated levels of delay, the proposed project will not add significantly to the current delays and does not have a detrimental impact based on DDOT-defined thresholds.

The report also recommends potential traffic calming measures that could be implemented to address residents’ concerns about existing issues with speeding and cut-through traffic. We plan to work with DDOT and the community to refine and implement the optimal approach to slowing down cars and increasing pedestrian safety.